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As an agent for Macquarie Leasing and with our many years of experience in this department, our professional Macquarie team members will keep your business moving.

Time and money play important roles in investing and growing your business so we source the best assest finance for you. With the help of Macquarie we can offer the following loan packages:

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial loans
  • Hire Purchase
  • Leasing

Our Macquarie team members help take the stress out of finance and therefore makes your application process as easy as 1-2-3! Contact us on 03 9706 4477 today to find out more.


What sets Macquarie apart from the rest and what can we offer your business:

 – Range of Loans
For all your asset finance needs, we offer a  comprehensive range of vehicle and equipment loans and leasing.

Flexible terms and repayment structures
We offer repayment terms to suit your business.

Contact us today to find out about Macquarie’s competitive rates and finance solutions with repayment terms and structures to suit your business.

Macquarie’s products include:

  • Chattel mortgages
  • Hire purchase agreements
  • Finance leases
  • Novated leases
  • Fleet leases and Operating leases.

So what’s next?
Let’s talk. Contact our Macquarie team on 03 9706 4477 or alternately via the Contact Form on this page.
They will get to know a little more about your business. Then we’ll take you through a range of Macquarie finance products and payment solutions that suit your needs and we’ll support you all the way through the finance process- right through until delivery of your goods.

Our Macquarie team members help take the stress out of finance and make your application process as easy as 1-2-3!

This webpage references finance and materials that are available to Australian Consumers.
The information is intended as a guide by way of what can be offered to approved applicants (commercial buyers only and ABN holders) through Macquarie. As there are a range of finance loans and terms available in the market we recommend that you talk to a financial adviser to see which solution is right for you. Macquarie terms and conditions do apply, so please contact us for more information.
Please note that some of the information noted has been obtained from Macquarie’s website.

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